i have been feeling depressed
these last few days
i don’t know what to do
because i’m drowning in sorrow
my days of happiness are forever gone
i don’t know what to do
the light has vanished
from my slanted eyes
i’m sinking further into depression
i can feel it nearly choking me
i have a sickening feeling
in the pit of my stomach
i am feeling so very depressed
these days and i can’t take it no more
i’m literally trapped inside of depression
and i cannot find my way out again
help me someone help me please
i don’t know what to do
i’m drowning in depression
and heartache
help me
or will this be
my final goodbye?

On pins and needles we are waiting for the fall
We count the days scratching lines on the wall
Wait in the wings at someone’s beck and call
No longer recognize the place that I call home
No longer recognize this face as my own
Somewhere, this fate, I lost control
We backed down
We took no for answers far too long
We felt those walls close around
I don’t want to be here anymore
On hand and foot we answered every single call
And weathered every day like passing storms
But when they break, we will all be gone
Won’t back down
Won’t take no for answers anymore
These walls close, we pace back and forth
The point where we break gets closer everyday
But where do we go?
I don’t want to be here anymore
We need a better way
We need to let go